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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Elf on The Shelf & Advent Calendar ideas

This is our first year doing Elf on The Shelf so I've made a list of ideas I've come up with from browsing Pinterest. These are in no particular order, besides the first and last day.
1.Arrival- Hanging out in the advent calendar with a candy cane
2.T.P. the Christmas tree
3.Sugar snow angel
4.drinking syrup with a barbie
5.hanging from ceiling fan for gold fish
7.taking barbie for a ride in the barbie car
8.using a sock as a sleeping back in drawer
9.having a bowl of cereal
10.using a T.P. roll as a swing
11.Decorate kitchen with sticky gift bows
12.coloring a page in coloring book
13.making a can mountain by pantry
14.having a tea party
15.doing a slam dunk in the basketball goal
16.reading christmas books
17.has a cold, surrounded by tissues,halls,medicine
18.working out with marshmallow dumbbells
19.hanging out in jewelry box wearing jewelry
20.hiding in the fridge eating red jello
21.hanging out in Christmas village
22.sitting in chair playing xbox
23.building a house out of blocks
24.marshmallow bath
25.bag of elf kisses and note saying goodbye

We're also doing an advent calendar, I got a big stocking one at wal mart for $17 but you can make your own , or even check out target, I saw several different ones for $3 . These are also in no particular order, I'll put them in order when I figure out our schedule.
1. make hot cocoa and read first Christmas book
2.decorate gingerbread house a christmas movie
4.go look at christmas lights
5.make candy cane pom pom ornament
6.make gingerbread cookies
7.Christmas at stockyards
8.go see Frozen
9.deocorate paper Christmas tree
10.go ice skating
11.pick out toys to donate
12.make paper snowflakes
13.make christmas sundae
14.write Santa a letter and mail it to the north pole
15.make jingle bell bracelet
16.make grandparents oven mit gift
17.Check out Christmas books and movies at Library
18.Dance party-jam out to some christmas music
19.Christmas movie and popcorn
20.yesterland farm
21.color Christmas pages
22.Breakfast for dinner
23.Go on the train ride at the park Christmas eve gift

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